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Total Manufactures in NORTH_AMERICA : 101 Displaying 15 per page.

» MRMatiX
   Scale: Any scale   Country: USA

» A-Line/Proto Power West
   Scale: HO, N   Country: USA

» Abracadata
   Scale: Products not scale-specific   Country: USA

» Accurail
   Scale: HO scale   Country: USA

» Accurate Lighting
   Scale: HO, N and Large scale   Country: USA

» Acme Model Engineering Co.
   Scale: All   Country: USA

» Activa Products
   Scale: Not Specific   Country: USA

» Alpine Division Scale Models
   Scale: HO, N   Country: USA

» American Limited Models
   Scale: HO, N   Country: USA

» American Model Builders
   Scale: O, S, HO and N   Country: USA

» Aristo-Craft Trains
   Scale: G Scale   Country: USA

» Athabasca Scale Models
   Scale: currently HO & N   Country: Canada

» Athabasca Scale Models
   Scale: 0, HO, N   Country: Canada

» Athearn
   Scale: All   Country: USA

» Atlas Model Railroad Co.
   Scale: HO and N Scale   Country: USA

» Atlas O
   Scale: O   Country: USA

» Bachmann
   Scale: HO, N and G   Country: USA

» Badger Air Brush Co.
   Scale: Products not scale-specific   Country: USA

» banta modelworks
   Scale: N, HO, S, O, 1:20.3   Country: USA

» Bar Mills Scale Model Works
   Scale: HO and N   Country: USA

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